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23 July 2017
Driest Summer ever

What an amazing year we have had up here on the Isle of Skye.Our winter was very dry and i thought that was a bonus but spring and summer have been fantastic. Ive lived here almost 30 years and this is the best its been in all of those years.The gardens are fantastic, in full bloom for weeks now,and if I ever manage to transfer the photos from my phone i will post them for all to see.I had 2 sea eagles flying very low over head on thirsday for over an hour, we usually just see the golden eagles as they are resident in waterstein but these were a suprise, just hoping they don't take up residency too as they chase the golden eagles and are very bad for taking ewes and lambs.Talking of which I have all the ewes 52 of them all hand sheared and have already washed and dyed some of the wool for my felting. the lambs are huge this year, but really have had very few wet days since they were born, they go to market late august. i have my peat all dry and home so thats winter warmth taken care of. kelpie is well booked but I do have 2 weeks left in oct and available from nov 4th onwards if you would like a late break and a chance of seeing the northern lights. The disadvantage of winter breaks is that most of the craft shops and cafes are closed for the winter. I stay open all the year around, better go and make the most of the sunshine, bye for now Linda

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