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22 February 2017
Red deer Stags

For the last few weeks the stags have been visiting my gardens during the night, theres one plant that they love and they are digging its bulbs up and eating them useing  their feet and antlers, what a mess they are making, but this morning at 7.30 am there they were in all their glory, i couldn't chase them for  looking at these beautiful beasts. they are huge. So graceful in their movements and jumping the fence , no problem. they walked it. i walked over to kelpies front door and took as many photos as I could, they eventually jumped the fence, walked over the road and jumped the next fence into Sams field. They strolled over the field and jumped the next fence, over the road and away up the hill. What a way to start your day, my poor gardens, its usually rabbits and voles that are the problem, but not this year. What can you do but keep taking the photos.

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