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26 April 2015
Sleep is on the horizon

Only 2 more ewes to lamb and they aren't due till next friday,56 lambs last count, so a good lambing but a severe  calcium deficiency which has made  alot of ewes sick. Looking forward to some nice warm days to get them all outside, The weather has been dry and sunny all week but forecast for snow made me decide to keep them in for a while longer.

 Been some amazing Northern Lights in the last few weeks, get a great view of them from Kelpie as they appear over the hill, making them alot clearer against  the black hillside, one of the perks to lambing , going over to the shed at all times of the day and night. so if they are there I see them.

 The spring flowers are coming out, more to see every day, what a beautiful time of the year. lots of eagles sightings, this is the best time of the year to see them. They fly right over the top of kelpie, just awsome, lots of migrating birds calling in including a huge flock of hooping swans last week.Summer is just around the corner !




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