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31 March 2013
Lambing 2013

Lambing is going great, plenty of strong healthy lambs, and only 11 ewes left to lamb.Visitors to the shop are having an added bonus when they see the shed full of lambs, two girls last week came to the shop and said they were having the best time ever and finding Kelpie had been an added bonus, they came back several times to see the lambs and are going to book into kelpie for next year.The weather is fantastic, a very dry spring, very cold at nights but sunny through the day, had my first painting week, where a couple staying in the cottage learnt to paint in water colours while enjoying the lambs and sunshine, they have already booked in for 2 weeks next year.and the couple beguinning of march they too  have booked in for 2weeks next year.Seems to be alot of extra bird life this year, I saw a beautiful snipe today his colours were fantastic in the sunshine, green finches and gold finches are regular visitors to the table. and of course the dawn chorus, first light and the lambing shed could be mistaken for an avery with all the bird song. The garden is coming to life too, all the spring bulbs are begining to bloom and Ive even had to cut the grass already, just wish the grass would grow in the fields, we really do need some rain the ground is so dry now, a shower or two through the night would be good, full moon and starey skies have meant moon light walks for Tess, just beautiful, not to late to book an april week. and enjoy some spring sunshine.

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