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30 April 2012
Stags infront of Kelpie

I was just finishing setting the veg garden tonight when Tess started to growl away at something over the field, when I looked up here were 2 stags strolling over the field heading straight for the gardens.This is the second time this year, just can't imagine having deer fencing around the place, had to laugh at my mam, i was telling them and Mam said, I would have to remember to shut the drive gates, as if that would keep them out.

  My other story tonight is the blackbird that has decided to nest on the back wheel of my car, It wasn't there this morning when I got up to feed lambs at 5am,and I don't think it was there when I went over to feed the sheep at 7.30am,  By 5pm tonight there it was a fully lined with moss and made of all kinds of twigs and leaves. Just amazing, but i'm afraid it will have to go as its  market day on tuesday and I'll be packing up the shop  and filling the car tomorrow night. I promise to take a photo before i take it down. Just 3 more ewes to lamb, 2 tomorrow andthe last one on thursday

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