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22 August 2010
Best lambs on the day

Last Monday, I loaded up the lambs for Portree market. Its always a mixed emotions day, Sad because the lambs are leaving and pleasure because they look so good.This year they were fantastic, I was very proud of them.One lamb in perticular was huge, a ewe lamb, unfortunetly she had grown so big that I was having problems to turn her over to check her feet, she was just too big for me to handle,she topped the mart, which means she got the highest price on the day , £60.50,The bids actually went up to £62.50 but had been written down wrong, doesen't matter, so fame at last name in the paper and also for my top draw lambs they got the best price for their breed too.A very sucsessful day, I kept 3 nice ewe lambs for breeding in the following years and one lucky lamb managed to trip over Cassies lead when I was gathering them and hurt his leg, so he had to stay at home too, its mended now and he will go off to the next sale.The ewes are in a rough park until there milk dries up and the lambs are down at the house here, on nice clover grass, the end of another year in the farming calender, another 2 months the tups will go out and we start all over again.

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