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31 March 2010
Lambing going well

Quite a slow start but this last weekend made up for it ,35 lambs born in less than 3 days, big ones, wee ones, brown ones black ones , white, multi colour,  all individual and all with there own charactors, no 21 sleeps on her mums back, no.36 sleeps under the water bucket,no 15. waits until I go into the pen before it will suckle, no.19 pinches from all the mums, Only 10 more ewes to lamb, 4 in the next 2 days then a wait of 5 days then the remaining 6, The older lambs born in January are outside now and all doing well, although i do feel sorry for them tonight ,the weather has turned very cold again and there has been some nasty blizzard conditions today, I did consider bringing them back into the shed but it runs its own risk of infection and pnemonia,  so I'll decide at midnight and see how cold it is then.

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