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27 January 2010
Twins born tonight

Big Bertha; She was so big she could hardly walk,; no wonder she has given birth to twin tup lambs tonight, they are huge, she was in trouble with just the head coming on the first lamb, Pleased I was there to help or I would have lost the lambs and possibly the mother too.Her milk is still like wax so I gave her lambs colostrum taken from another ewe last year and frozen for such an occasion.One lamb is a good feeder the other isn't but they both had enough to get them started, this milk is very important and very important that they get it soon after birth. I will go back to check them at 3am, 4 hours after they were fed the last time, I'll check her udder and see if her milk has come down yet and check to see the lambs have suckled her. If this hasn't happened then I'll mix some powdered milk and feed then from the bottle until her milk does appear.It happens sometimes and usually the milk comes in a few hours after the lambs are born. Looks like it could be a long night.

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